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This Monday we got #Atlanta’s musical architects #OrganizedNoize in the building!!! My musical heroes @campdavidatl @dungeoneze and @ricowadedf are the special guests for the #PlaylistParty and I’m anxious to hear what they’re gonna play!! #dungeonFamily #WeDF #DF #ONP #legends


 The Eternal Lament: by Tupac Amaru Shakur

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A woman never forgets the man that Once captured her heart with his smile, intelligence of the world and the people in it. The man that taught her how to move in the world with his Knowledge and trust in faith in God and the Gift that was Given. If only for a short time. He made my mind powerful&strong just by listening to all his Words&Wisdom. Remembering Tupac a man who wanted to make a Difference…IT all started with one. You can be the one, I am the one…and so are U. #thanksPac #restinlove…#Kisses2theKingdom ;0